Best Branding & Marketing Books

istock_000002664817smallI’ve read my share of marketing books over the years, some good and some bad, and thought it may be worthwhile to embark on a re-reading and review of the best. Practical advice will earn good marks; esoteric theories will not.

Take a look at the list of possible candidates for the Best Branding & Marketing Book List below.

How many have you read?

Which ones inspired you?

Which ones have you found helpful in your career?

Which important books are missing?

Which do you recommend … and which should I ignore?

Disclaimer: These titles link to the Amazon Associates Program.

5 Responses to Best Branding & Marketing Books

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  3. A Brito says:

    thanks for narrowing it down…

  4. Chiranjeev says:

    This is the best book collection for branding and marketing….Thanks for listing all in one place…

    This blog will be always in my bookmarks!

  5. Carley says:

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