New Amsterdam crashes the Heineken-Black Crown party

New Amsterdam 1Look who showed up at the rave — New Amsterdam Spirits!

You know the party — the exclusive one where beautiful, exotic people dance in a crowded private bunker that is hidden from the general public.

You also know the strategy. Associate the alcohol brand with having fun. Suggest that, if only you would drink the right brand of alcohol, you’d have more fun with more interesting people.

It’s the same strategy Heineken and Budweiser Black Crown follow. It even appears to be the same party.

But good luck finding it. Heineken’s parties are typically located inside an unmarked door in a back alley in Chinatown. You have to know the bouncer to get in.

In case you weren’t invited, here’s a peek at some me-too party scenes from some brands that can’t differentiate their products in any meaningful way.

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