Brand essence key to surviving digital Darwinism

We live and work in the era of digital Darwinism, a time, as defined by Brian Solis in The End of Business As Usual, when society and technology are evolving faster than most of us can adapt.

Dinosaurs are dying.

Businesses that were unable to distinguish their value propositions from their outdated delivery systems are failing apace. Traditional newspapers, travel agencies, encyclopedia publishers, yellow-pages directories, the Post Office, photography studios, greeting card companies, insurance agencies and movie theaters are just a few of the business models struggling to adapt in a changing world.

Recently, for example, Newsweek announced it is going digital.

As Brian points out, the evolution is not solely technical. It is also social. Technology and the internet have wrought changes in how consumers interact with brands and how they share brand experiences, good and bad, with each other.

Critical to survival (and prosperity) is understanding why a brand resonates with its customers in the first place.

The 9 Criteria for Brand Essence,” which Brian kindly references in his recent post, was developed to help business managers and marketers identify the intangible attribute (the brand essence) that separates their brands from competitors in the minds of their customers.

Authenticity and relevance are on the list of criteria. (The delivery system is not.)

As Brian says, “Your brand experience IS the foundation for engagement, emotive marketing, and word of mouth.”

Thanks, Brian, for recognizing the value of “The 9 Criteria” in your work.

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