Branding’s dirty little secret: Not everyone cares

Despite the multitude of branding consultants, theories, philosophies, processes, diagrams, white papers, and, of course, books, not all consumers care about brands.

For a variety of reasons, they may remain oblivious or choose to ignore a brand’s best efforts to engage them. Specifically:

• They may not care about a particular brand category. For example, they may not need home insurance. Marketing directed to them is wasted. At least, for now.

• Or they may not distinguish between the brands within a category. They may believe all brands of gasoline are identical. To them, gas is a commodity, so it doesn’t matter which brand they buy.

• They may not value a particular brand’s differentiating attribute. A car brand that centers on luxury may not resonate with consumers concerned about fuel economy.

• Some consumers are brand samplers by choice. They are intentionally disloyal to any particular brand because they enjoy experiencing multiple brands. For example, they may enjoy dining out at a variety of restaurants.

Strong brands target a well-defined set of desirable customers and work to build loyalty. They have the courage to differentiate, narrow their focus, and apply their resources where there is greater opportunity.

One size does not fit all.

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  11. Well, is not that consumers don’t care about brands, is that they don’t like being marketed to. Actually, a lot of consumers select very carefully which brands they own or want to display (luxury brands are still selling, after all).

    What you are talking about I think is a bit different. You are talking about targeting.

    If consumers can’t pick your brand among others, if they can’t remember your brand, etc. than you have a serious problem of eroding brand equity. According to David Aaker, brand equity is comprised of:

    - Brand Loyalty
    - Brand Awareness
    - Perceived Quality
    - Brand Associations
    - Other proprietary assets

    So if your target consumers are failing on the ‘brand equity test’, then you do have a problem. If you are targeting the wrong consumer segment, then no matter what you do you will not last long.

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  13. Brandings says:

    Totally agree. Some consumer could care less about certain categories and view the offerings as essentially undifferentiated. This is especially true for products that the consumer does not internally consume.