Sex, OTC drugs, and rock-and-roll

Paul McCartney was busted for marijuana and Keith Richards for heroin.

Now, Jon Bon Jovi is pushing Advil.

Are we ready for rock stars as spokespersons for legal drugs?

In the TV spot (below), Bon Jovi claims he uses the painkiller for aches and pains related to touring and performing.

Pfizer’s VP-CMO of U.S. Consumer Healthcare, Brian Groves, puts a branding spin on it. He told Forbes, “Jon is an authentic American icon, as is Advil, and Jon’s brand, in his entertainment life and his business and philanthropy, appears very focused on solving problems and getting right to the point and that’s how we feel about Advil.”

The TV ad was shot at the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen, a non-profit initiative of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which Advil helps sponsor.

Just a couple of authentic American icons solving problems.

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