Free air as added value? We’ve been hosed!

The air we breathe may be free, but the air we put in our tires is not. It’s been costing us ever since service stations stopped providing service.

Most gas-station air compressors are coin operated and run only for a couple of minutes, requiring a steady stream of quarters to operate.

In a few states, stations are required by law to provide free air to paying customers. However, as this requirement is not widely known, most customers continue to cough up the coins.

Soon, however, the price of inflation may be coming back to earth as some gas stations, such as Giant Eagle’s GetGo, offer air for free.

When customers can again fill their tires for free, will they regard the commodity they once took for granted as added value?

With gas prices rising, will free air pull customers away from stations that charge? Will competitors be forced to match the offer?

It’s air warfare at the pump.

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