Best Buy’s smart Super Bowl play

A few weeks from now, the Super Bowl commercials featuring dogs, babies, sex and celebrities will blur together. Was it Doritos or Bud Light?

My nominee for most likely to succeed in the long run is Best Buy’s spot. (Watch it below.)

Best Buy borrowed equity from the innovators of smartphone technology, a strategy likely to appeal to its tech-savvy customers. Geek celebrities who implied their endorsements, included:

  • Philippe Kahn, creator of one of the first camera phones
  • Ray Kurzweil, the inventor of text-to-speech
  • Neil Papworth, the person who sent the world’s first SMS message
  • Paul and David Bettner, creators of Words With Friends
  • Kevin Systrom, the creator of Instagram
  • Jim McKelvey, the creator of Square
  • Chris Barton and Avery Wang, two of the founders of Shazam
  • Daniel Henderson, creator of video sharing

Not a Flavor Flav or Donald Trump among them.

It’s a smart strategy in a watershed year when at least 60 percent of Super Bowl viewers had a smartphone or tablet next to them.

“With nearly 200 million people on Twitter and two-thirds of all smartphone owners using social media while watching TV, just about every brand built interactive elements into their commercials,” Edward Boches, Mullen’s chief information officer, told Fox News, “knowing that the true measurement of success these days is immediate consumer reaction and long-term consumer engagement.”

Admittedly, the commercial is not up to the entertainment standard of peeing-in-the-pool, but at least it took a playful swipe at Alec Baldwin’s altercation with American Airlines.

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